The Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Route

The combined route is being developed and released in two distinct phases.

The first phase is the Ffestiniog Railway section from Porthmadog to Blaenau Ffestiniog. This section is complete and is released now.

The Welsh Highland section is to be completed in Phase 2 and while the track and non-custom specific assets are present, the custom assets such stations, lineside buildings, signals etc. are still to be done. You can drive trains over this section, which is part of this release, but you will not see any custom built assets on this part of the line.

Once Phase 2 is complete and released, if you have purchased the Ffestiniog Route (Phase 1), you will be able to purchase the complete route of Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways at a special discounted price.

Don't forget, all the proceeds from the sales of this route will be donated to the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railway Trust.

The Ffestiniog Railway Route

Pre-Requisites for the Ffestiniog Route

(1) You must have obtained and install a copy of the Train Simulator product (currently version TS2020). A search of the web should give you the site or try the link below.

(2) Because the original route was developed as a personal project, the Author  used many assets from a range of third party content. As a result you may need to purchase and download a number of the Download Content (DLC) products to maximise the visual effects of this route.

The advice is to install the route as is and then decide if the missing assets are essential for your own purposes. The route will install and run without these additional components but the visual appearance will be limited.

A full list of the DLC used is provided below. Again they can be purchased and downloaded from the Steam Store

Suggested Download Content (DLC)

Of these DLCs, the main add-ons to try first would be the KUJU - EU Assets Pack and the RSC -Settle & Carlisle Route

Please Note: You may already have the Kuju - EU Asset Pack if you bought an early version of the Train Simulator product. 
Unfortunately, it stopped being included as a standard game pack a few years ago!!

How To Order Your Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Route

This route and rolling stock is supplied as “donation-ware” with a donation going straight to the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railway Trusts. You can choose between a DVD or a Download copy.

All profits from the DVD version will be donated to the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railway Trust and if you prefer a Download version, then the whole proceeds will be a donation.
Thank you for your order - your money is put to good use in maintaining the rolling stock & railway

Instructions for Ordering

Use the PayPal ordering facilities below to select either a DVD or Download version.
For a DVD, select your county location for delivery (UK, EU or Worldwide).
The price includes 1st class postage or Air Mail delivery where applicable.
For a Download option, click the Buy Now button.
You can pay by Credit Card via the PayPal website without logging in to PayPal if you do not have a PayPal account. Look for the Credit Card option at the bottom of the PayPal page.
Please allow up to two weeks for delivery where Customs clearance is required for overseas customers purchasing the DVD option.


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