Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Rolling Stock

A List of the current Rolling Stock included with the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Route is shown below. Unless stated otherwise, all stock is included in the FR & WHR Route.

Each loco comes with a detailed cab with working controls, and a individual whistle as per the actual loco.

The carriages all have interior views, working doors and a “right-away” guards whistle.

  • England Engines
  • Penrhyn Hunslets
  • Double & Single Fairlies
  • WHR Garratts
  • Victorian Carriage Set
  • Modern Carriages
  • Heritage Carriages
  • Gravity Train
  • Heritage Freight Train

Three of the original Ffestiniog Locos - Prince, Palmerston and Welsh Pony

The Penrhyn Ladies - Linda and Blanche

The Ffestiniog Double & Single Fairlies

Three Double Fairlies (David Lloyd George, Merddin Emrys, Earl of Merioneth)

SingleĀ  FairlieĀ  - Taliesin

Three of the Welsh Highland's Garratts - Nos. 143, 87, 138
with enhanced sounds supplied by SteamSoundsSupreme.

The Ffestiniog Victorian Carriage set including the "Flying Bench" and the "Curly Roof" Van

A set of the modern Ffestiniog carriages including service cars, saloons and Pullman cars.

A set of the Heritage Ffestiniog carriages.

The unique Gravity Slate Train.

A regular feature of the Ffestiniog Victorian Weekend Gala watching a loaded slate train run down under gravity only!

A set of 8 x Heritage Freight wagons along with the unique Slate Gravity Train. A treat at the Victorian Weekend Gala watching a loaded slate train run down under gravity only and riding on the Heritage Freight Trains!

This pack also includes two new scenarios for the Heritage Freight Train

** This set is an Add-On Pack