Product Patches

Released Patches for FR & WHR Route

A List of Available Patches is shown below.

Unless stated otherwise, the patches are inclusive and so typically there will be only one current patch for a specifc product available to download.
So make note of the date and version so you can ensure you are up to date.

Patches will normally not be mandatory and are released for enhancement and bug fixes.

If you are installing multiple patches at the same time, install the OLDEST ones first.

Latest Patch

12th September 2021 – HUNSLET SSS Patch1

This patch fixes:-
(1) a bug that was re-introduced in the Sounds Enhancement Pack that causes the Hunslet Tenders to vibrate and wobble excessively when running in reverse.

Previous Patches

The patch below is NOT required if you have downloaded the FR&WHR Route AFTER 11th September 2021.
All previous patches have been included in the latest Route install.

22nd August 2021 – Route Patch v2.2

This patch fixes:-
(1) a bug on the Ashes To Ashes scenario where the approach home signal at Beddgelert stayed at Red

(2) Relinks the WHR Garratt loco sounds to the SteamSoundsSupreme enhanced sounds pack which were inadvertently lost during the Phase 2 Upgrade.

It also includes the fixes included in Patch 2.1

Users of the old FR&WHR Phase 1 Route can find any relevent patches here…..

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